Why Compliance in Salesforce is a Missing Piece?

Even if you’re all set with your CRM to plug & play, there is one piece that’s often left astray- ‘Easily Meeting Compliance ‌ Demands in Salesforce’.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM worldwide, assisting 150,000+ companies to manage cloud-run businesses. Its customer-first & industry-fast innovations have led to the rapid adaptation of digital channels in traditional commerce. Other than being the buzzword for the biz world, ‌ its storage limitations can be a challenge, if left un-optimized. And, if you are using Salesforce ‌long enough, you cannot avoid the dread of hitting the data storage limits. 

Well, this is not a dead end. You run into storage challenges only when you try to retain all your data within Salesforce. If your organization belongs to the compliance-driven bracket where you need to retain the data for year/s, archiving the business-critical data can help to overcome your data storage limitations. Let’s try to understand; what data compliance is, the challenges you may run into to meet data compliance in Salesforce, and evaluate the merits of archiving to meet your compliance needs. 

What is Data Compliance & Why is it Important? 

Data compliance is an authorized process to ensure that every organization adheres to laws, regulations, and standards related to its data. These regulations can be national, regional, or industry-specific. The process asserts – 

  • Permission to own any data
  • How you should organize or store your data
  • Regulations to manage data or digital assets

The purpose of adhering to compliance is to prevent data loss, theft,  misuse, or to avoid storing or sharing compromised information. Technically, it helps to meet three vital requirements; viz.

  • Confidentiality of the information 
  • Maintaining data integrity 
  • Availability of an organization’s data or databases 

How Does Data Retention Play a Part? 

Data Retention is an important part of Data Compliance, as it helps ensure data is stored for a defined period of time and is securely managed. This helps companies not only meet regulations but also ensure customer data is properly protected. 

Data Compliance in Salesforce: Top Challenges & Recommended Solution 

Compliance in Salesforce refers to the process of adhering to all applicable laws & regulations for processing and storing data in your Salesforce app. Due to its data storage limitations, it is challenging for users to maintain –

  • Data Integrity: Cannot promise immutability within Salesforce org
  • Data Quality: Unmanageable volumes of data may lead to bad data problems
  • Poor Data Traceability: Tracking access and data changes is difficult
  • Risk of Data Retention: Data being linked to the org, dissolution may lead to massive data loss

Further, to underscore, it’s difficult to commit to data compliance if Salesforce is your only storage option. Data archiving can be a possible solution to meet your long-term retention needs. 

Top 6 compliance considerations while archiving Salesfoce data with Data Archiva |

Salesforce Data Archiving For Long-Term Data Retention

Archiving data into secondary storage spaces helps you store a bulk amount of data for a longer period of time. It’s comparatively cost-effective and can be used to preserve ‌data in a secondary storage space. For any compliance-driven organization storing a large volume of data in Salesforce can shoot up their storage cost and deteriorate the org’s performance. When data is maintained in silos and archived, you can access old Salesforce data that is not needed for everyday operations and can be used for future reference or to meet data compliance. 

Choose DataArchiva to Meet Compliance Goals in Salesforce

8 Reasons To Choose DataArchiva to Meet Compliance Goals in Salesforce 

Archiving Salesforce data can be done in three ways – by setting up a process in Salesforce, using a custom-built application or by integrating a cloud-ready data archiving tool from AppExchange. If you are concerned about the security of archiving, here are the 8 reasons why you need DataArchiva even more. 

    1. We offer 100% Native Archiving: Avail DataArchiva’s Native Archiving option to archive in BigObjects, within your Salesforce ecosystem.
    2. We Do Not Hold Your Data: DataArchiva is only an archiving enabler; with Zero Exposure of your data to our platform. Therefore, ensuring top-notch data privacy during data transfers from Salesforce to an external cloud.
    3. We Do Not Use Any Third-Party Connecters For External Cloud Integrations: If you’re integrating any of your external clouds with Salesforce, DataArchiva provides you with a zero-dependency archiving service.
    4. We ensure 100% data ownership: DataArchiva allows customers to use their cloud platforms and databases to archive, ensuring 100% ownership.
    5. We Encrypt The Data-At-Rest: DataArchiva uses the most advanced encryption algorithm, AES 256, to secure your archived data.
    6. We Offer Complete Access Control Of Your Archived Data: You can choose who has access and control permissions of your archived data, to safeguard your information.
    7. We Provide One-Click-Restoration-As-Feature: Restore your legacy data in one click, from the archive destination to your Salesforce live org, instantaneously.
    8. We Permit Purging Of Archived Data: You are permitted to remove your archived data with DataArchiva right from Salesforce.

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