How DataArchiva Helps Enterprises Leverage Multiple Storage Options for Salesforce Data Archiving

Are you confused about which secondary storage to leverage in archiving your Salesforce data?

DataArchiva provides you with not one but multiple storage options for Salesforce data archiving. Our goal is to come up with the best solutions to provide you a seamless tool to archive your Salesforce data. An archiving tool that can easily integrate with your Salesforce system and boost your CRM performance while reducing your Salesforce storage costs.

Addressing different users with different utilities; DataArchiva provides –

  • Native-level archiving with BigObjects 
  • External Archiving by Leveraging any 3rd party cloud platform (AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud)
  • On-premise Archiving 

All of these archiving options for your Salesforce system come with unique advantages. To know exactly which fits your enterprise data archiving goals, we have explained each archiving option with a use case.

1. DataArchiva Native Archiving
It’s a sheer advantage for users who prefer to archive their CRM data within the Salesforce ecosystem. Instead of any 3rd party cloud, DataArchiva uses BigObjects space with Salesforce to archive data. It is a big data-based storage option offered by Salesforce, designed to hold a sizable amount of enterprise data. Comparing the price points, purchasing BigObjects is cheaper than purchasing additional data storage in Salesforce. Making it a bright option to archive the data within Salesforce but at a reduced storage cost.

DataArchiva Native Archiving has been the choice for customers who don’t want to move their data outside their Salesforce system and prefer BigObjects to archive their data from Salesforce’s primary data storage. This ensures 100% security & also meets complex regulatory needs. You can also check out this case study to see how DataArchiva meets the enterprise archiving needs of a leading US government customer using BigObjects in Salesforce 

Visual Representation of Multiple Storage Options for Salesforce Data Archival
Cost Effective Storage Option for Salesforce Data Archival

2. DataArchiva External Archiving
Enterprises who like to leverage their own external cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP, etc. & bring their own database (Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.) to archive Salesforce data, prefer DataArchiva external archiving solution. Our application not only allows them to connect both their systems (Salesforce & External Cloud) seamlessly without using any 3rd-party integration tool but also makes the entire archiving process hassle-free & fast. Its next-gen archiving capabilities allow customers to view & access your archived data right from their Salesforce app. It comes with zero Salesforce data governance limitations as customers can move a massive volume of data in one go.

Its storage option flexibility has aspired many customers to own DataArchiva external archiving for Salesforce storage optimization. If DataArchiva is waiting on your Salesforce tool list, you can read this case study to rule out the doubts 

3. DataArchiva On-premise Archiving

If you have an on-premise system in place, DataArchiva helps you to seamlessly archive Salesforce data externally using your own on-premise system. It leverages your existing infrastructure to archive your Salesforce data into databases of your choice such as Postgres, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc. On-prem archiving is a good choice when data ownership is key. It allows you to have 100% control of your archived data, held under your system security.

On-prem archiving is ideal for organizations that prefer to keep their data safe on their own locally hosted platforms. And, DataArchiva is one of the very few archiving applications in Salesforce that allows external archiving within the on-premise system. Allowing archiving flexibility across enterprises, in managing data growth for all Salesforce platforms. 

One of the global tech giants using Salesforce chose DataArchiva’s on-premise archiving option since the app has the fastest initial data offloading speed. It has not only helped them with storage space challenges but also allowed them to archive Salesforce data using their own on-premise system.

DataArchiva has helped customers across industries ‌‌address data growth challenges with ‌its ease in Salesforce data archiving. If you are dealing with similar challenges & storage cost minimization is your current goal, get in touch with our team today for a product demo. 

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