Why do you need a Backup Solution for Salesforce in 2021?

The past year has drastically changed the manner in which businesses are carried out all around the globe. According to recent reports, the need for cloud adoption just overshot by 200%, which made businesses look forward to a huge paradigm shift in the way they operate and manage. It is also true that most of the organizations have had to adopt new strategies to remain relevant in the market as the pandemic gave way to new-age value propositions. In this scenario, adopting the cloud-based services has truly paved the way for the required transformation.

In 2020, Salesforce as a platform came to the forefront in the work-from-anywhere world and helped businesses operate remotely, thereby empowering them to keep on functioning without much interruptions. Making use of Salesforce’s services, businesses can virtually collaborate with each other and smoothly perform their everyday functions without any hassles and worries.

Data in the Cloud

No organization can function in the absence of data these days. Data, especially big data, is rightly the fuel that drives companies with huge amounts of it being generated every second from various business transactions, sales figures, and customer logs. But, we shouldn’t forget the challenges encountered by companies that deal with big data. These include data quality, storage, validating data, accumulating and integrating data from different sources, securing data, and difficult data analysis.

Even when the data is held securely in the cloud environment of Salesforce, there can never be 100% guarantee of its safety. This data is still subject to being lost, either partially or completely, due to several different reasons including human error, phishing, malware attacks, data theft, external tool integrations, changes in configurations, and software and/or hardware corruption. In the unfortunate event of such data loss, the organization can be deeply affected on the operational and business level.

Need for Cloud Sustainability in 2021

It is worth noting that with more and more customers shifting their business to Salesforce, the fear of data loss in the cloud is also looming large. This critical area of interest creates a rift in the smooth business operations that companies want to address with better and simpler solutions. And as the calendar changes and gives way to 2021, this fear of cloud overloading only becomes more real. It is extremely important to protect the critical business data that is stored in the cloud and data backup comes as a welcome strategy for enterprises.

Equipped with a comprehensive data backup strategy, organizations can duplicate their data periodically into an off-site location and in the unfortunate event of data loss, they can also allow retrieval of the duplicate set from that location to the original data-site. Such type of data backup service helps enterprises and organizations ensure that their data is secure to certain extent and that critical information is not completely lost in any unforeseen event.

The previous year taught organizations to be self-sufficient and resilient to changes in the work-from-anywhere environment in order to stay up-to-date and abreast with the changes in the business world. Having a thorough data backup and restoration strategy helps businesses to stay resilient even in the current year. Data recovery is not only time-consuming, but also an expensive affair. With recently Salesforce has retired their backup & recovery services, it is extremely tough for companies to protect their customer data & database with a zero plan. To simplify the backup processes for companies, we introduce to you one of the recently launched applications from our suite of data management applications.

DataArchiva Backup to Power up the Process

DataArchiva Backup, one of our flagship solutions, is a simple data backup and recovery application that is tailor-made to support all forms of Salesforce solutions like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other custom-built Salesforce solutions. With DataArchiva Backup’s full and incremental data backup services, Salesforce customers can overcome their fear of losing the data. This not only safeguards the data but also ensures that it is highly secured within the cloud infrastructure.

This highly scalable and customer-friendly application prevents critical business data from all sorts of data security threats and comes with a seamless restoration option as well. Users can also schedule their backups periodically or carry out manual backups whenever they desire. This cost-effective and easy-to-use solution is truly equipped with a long-term data management strategy.

Easy setup

DataArchiva Backup was built to give a seamless data backup experience with easy setup & user-friendly features. Once installed from the AppExchange, the solution can be configured within a few minutes & you are all set to start backing up your Salesforce Org data.

Choose the backup process

Users can either choose the auto-scheduler process to run an automated backup job which can be done on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. Also, an on-demand backup can be taken manually whenever required.

Choose the way you want

Do you need a full Org backup or any specific data? DataArchiva Backup can take care of that without any hassle to meet your data backup goals in Salesforce.

View your backup history

Once you identify the objects which you want to backup, you can finish the setup process of each object in seconds. Once the objects are configured, it will appear on the screen for your review. Also, users can view backup history information for each object & learn the status of each backup.

Restoration of data

DataArchiva Backup offers a 100% reliable and supremely faster restoration of the data when & as required. This will help you protect your business from any possible disaster with a zero data loss possibility.

Data accessibility

Backup data is available as a CSV file even without Salesforce. Your data will be under your possession all the time within your own cloud infrastructure.

While backup strategies often cost a bomb for customers and entail several months of implementation, DataArchiva Backup is relatively priced appropriately and can be easily installed, customized, and implemented in the Salesforce Org. Aided with the relatively easy backup and restoration services offered by DataArchiva Backup, businesses can easily meet their data backup requirements. To know more about the app, please get in touch with us here.

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