DataArchiva: 3 Years of Salesforce Data Archiving Success

Yes! DataArchiva turned 3. It was during Dreamforce ’18 when the world saw the first glimpse of DataArchiva in the Customer Success Expo at Moscone Center, San Francisco. Today, when the entire Ohana is celebrating the biggest Dreamforce ever from all parts of the world, we have come a long way, both as an AppExchange solution and also as a company. 

Today in the era of remote work, business data is more important than ever & with that, the role of data has significantly increased. As business enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation journey, they have created a renewed focus on long-term data management in order to get the most from their business data with 100% seamless data accessibility. In making this possible, DataArchiva has played a huge role and is truly positioned as a data enabler for Salesforce in the last three years.

The journey so far

Started as a one-of-its-kind data archiving solution for Salesforce that allows customers to archive their Salesforce data at a native level into the Big Objects, DataArchiva has gained immense success as it is the only platform that has native archiving capabilities. Considering the limited storage that Salesforce provides, customers were looking for an option to manage their data growth in Salesforce without upgrading the storage in a cost-effective manner. Meeting the complex archiving demands on Salesforce, DataArchiva was successfully able to enable business enterprises to optimize their data storage, application performance, and regulatory compliance with the ability to retain data for a long time.

To make the archiving experience even better, secure & faster, our Salesforce archiving platform has kept on introducing new features to help business enterprises transform their data management needs on the Salesforce platform. Some of the capabilities that DataArchiva offered in the last three-year journey are;

Different ways of archiving data in Salesforce

To meet different business use cases, DataArchiva has been allowing customers to take complete ownership of their archiving process with the ability to archive their data the way they want. This includes automated archiving using DataArchiva’s auto-scheduler feature, filter-based archiving, API-based archiving, and on-demand or manual archiving. Auto-archiving has been the most popular one as users can completely automate their archiving process without any manual intervention.

Encryption to secure data accessibility

On top of native archiving where the data will reside within your Salesforce ecosystem and won’t get any external exposure, DataArchiva also offers an encryption option to give an additional layer of data security. It uses the highest standard of encryption technology and also supports a key rotation policy.

Reimagine the user-experience

DataArchiva has developed a host of features in the last three years that help customers enhance their user experience while archiving data in Salesforce. Some of these innovative functionalities include the ability to view & seamlessly access archived data right within the Salesforce UI, restore the archived data back to production with a single click, preserve complex data integrity and object relationships/hierarchies of any level, and auto-metadata sync. 

The powerhouse of large volume data migration

With the ability to process a large volume of data with ease, DataArchiva has the initial data offloading feature that helps customers migrate large datasets to Big Objects to free up storage immediately. The native archiving platform can manage a large volume of data without impacting any of the ongoing business processes.

All types of data – one platform

DataArchiva has evolved into a one-stop data archiving platform for Salesforce in the last three years with support for any type of data archive. Started as an archiving platform to archive data for Salesforce Cloud (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Financial Services CloudHealth Cloud, ), with time, DataArchiva has reimagined its archiving capabilities for Salesforce with the ability to archive data from any 3rd-party AppExchange solutions (Veeva, FinancialForce, ServiceMax, nCino, OneEMX, etc.) and later supported custom applications such as Custom ERP, Sales apps, Service apps, External Integrations Apps, etc. built on platform. Apart from these, customers can archive Chatter Feeds using DataArchiva as well.

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A journey enriched with a lot of feats

Since its inception, DataArchiva has never looked back. The last three years have been amazing & our journey has been enriched with a lot of amazing numbers. We have onboarded 75+ customers till now from across 10+ industries including 20+ Fortune 500 companies and this number will grow 2X in the coming year considering the number of companies that we are working with now. DataArchiva platform has archived over 150TB of data & 100K+ million records. With a 10X faster deployment as compared to any other archiving solution available in the market, DataArchiva has seen customers achieving 5X+ ROI from their Salesforce archiving project. In the last 3 years, we have released 20+ new versions of the product which shows how fast we are aligned with the market and customer needs. 

DataArchiva Journey

The innovations that happened

We never stopped innovating. To give our customers what they want, we kept on expanding our data management platform for Salesforce with additions of DataArchiva External Archiving application & DataArchiva Backup. DataArchiva External Archiving application which was launched exactly after a year of DataArchiva during Dreamforce ’19 has taken the archiving capabilities to a whole new level. While customers were seamlessly archiving their data within Salesforce using DataArchiva, with DataArchiva External Archiving application the ability to archive Salesforce data went a step ahead with external databases. DataArchiva External Archiving application allows external cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) as well as on-premise platforms to be used for Salesforce archiving, where the data gets archived into databases like Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Redshift, Oracle, etc. Customers can enjoy all the features in DataArchiva External Archiving application that offers, but on top of that with external archiving, they can go beyond archiving with capabilities such as generating reports using BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.) & perform a global search on the archived data.

Want to know more about DataArchiva External Archiving application? Click here.

To make our data management platform even more powerful, we introduced our backup & recovery solution DataArchiva Backup last year to meet the end-to-end data management needs of our customers. DataArchiva Backup uses customers’ S3 storage to keep their Salesforce backup data with a highly automated backup process and faster recovery option. 

Know more about DataArchiva Backup here.

In the last three years, we have completely reimagined how Salesforce users used to manage their data in the cloud with our next-gen archiving & backup platform. 

The journey ahead

As the ONLY native data archiving solution for Salesforce available today, DataArchiva has been trusted by many leading business enterprises because of its unmatched data management capabilities. As a leading Salesforce ISV as well as Consulting Partner company, we are one of the fastest-growing Salesforce service providers in the world. With a market of over 150,000+ Salesforce customers across the globe, we have an amazing journey ahead. While we keep on adding new capabilities to our platform to make data management easy for Salesforce customers, we are on a mission to make business enterprises own their business data in the most efficient way.

Delivering innovation with a modern data management model

With our suite of data management solutions tailored to meet complex data needs in Salesforce, we are making business enterprises future-ready with a long-term data strategy. Leading from the front, DataArchiva is our flagship solution that has proven itself as the most trusted data archiving solution for Salesforce in the market today. With a future where data will play a key role in any business success, we believe that DataArchiva is going to change how companies are managing data within Salesforce with complete control & 100% accessibility. 

Want to see how DataArchiva can help you archive Salesforce data? Please get in touch with our Salesforce data management experts now.

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