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DataArchiva is primarily a native data archiving solution for Salesforce. The application helps you archive your historical data and store it in Salesforce’s big data based storage system called ‘Big Objects’. However, DataArchiva offers a connector called ‘DataConnectiva’, using which organizations can store their archived data in any external Cloud or On-premise storage system.

DataConnectiva allows you to archive your Salesforce data into external storage platforms such as Heroku, AWS, Azure, Google, etc. with support for a variety of relational databases such as MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, MySQL & Oracle.

How DataArchiva use DataConnectiva?

As a structured data archiving solution, DataArchiva periodically archives historical data in your Salesforce Org and use the connector to send it out to any kind of external storage system. Let’s take a use case. If company ‘A’ using a Salesforce system implemented DataArchiva for their data archival requirements, but wish to keep their Salesforce data in AWS system rather than in the Big Objects. We can help them integrate their AWS storage with the Salesforce system. After implementing DataArchiva, the archived data will automatically store in AWS with the help of the connector DataConnectiva. You can also keep your archived data in any On-premise(local) storage system.


Difference between DataArchiva and DataConnectiva

Though DataConnectiva comes under the DataArchiva suite, it gives an option to store archived data in an external storage system. Apart from this, there is little to zero difference between the two solutions when it comes to a user perspective. A user can use all the features that DataArchiva offers such as scheduler, bulk archive & restore, data migration, integration, complex data relationships, etc.

By archiving your Salesforce data into an external storage system using DataConnectiva, you can get the same kit of benefits that DataArchiva offers like significant storage cost savings, enhanced application performance, audit & compliance, GDPR compliant, easy search, one-click restore, easy installation & setup, Chatter/Feed support, low to zero maintenance, etc.

The bottomline

Organizations generate a lot of data and often it becomes challenging for them to manage the unproportionate data growth, which subsequently results in high data space consumption. Archiving your historical data (e.g old emails, contacts, cases, leads, etc.) using DataArchiva with DataConnectiva extension, will not only free up your primary storage but also reduce significant storage cost without compromising data integrity with seamless access. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo.


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