Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Backup Solution for Salesforce | Live Webinar

Whether you’re a small or mid-scale business, a startup, or an established industry player–without the ability to back up critical Salesforce data is sure to keep you up at night. Especially during this time of economic downturn, you can’t take the risk of letting your business suffer from the exorbitant money or any other losses that comes following a data breach scenario. 

Similarly, the risk is even more critical when choosing a solution for Salesforce data backup needs. You should be sharp as a tack when investing in a backup solution that claims to be powerful enough to protect your Salesforce data. 

Though the task is convoluted, we can help you in some ways to make it a cakewalk. We’re hosting a live webinar on Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Backup Solution for Salesforce to show you the significant factors that should be taken into account when purchasing a data backup solution. 

Hosting on 31st May 2023 at 3.30 PM AEST and 11:00 AM EST, our speakers Sambit Samant ( Principal Consultant, DataArchiva) and Deeshna C (Product Management, DataArchiva) will expound on;

  • Top reasons for Salesforce data loss
  • Why do you need a backup?
  • Things to consider while choosing a backup solution
  • The benefits of using DataArchiva for Salesforce Backup

During the 30-minute session including a Q&A at the end, you will be able to clear all your doubts regarding an advanced Salesforce data backup solution and how DataArchiva is popular to be the most recommended application in the market today. 

Remember, this is a webinar you wanted to be part of. So, save your slot now and join us live based on your time preference. 

Hope to see you in the webinar!

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