On This World Backup Day, Let DataBakup Take You Forward

As more and more companies rely on data for their day-to-day business operations in this rapidly expanding technological world, the importance of data has increased manifold. Right from the very basic inputs to taking crucial business decisions, data is needed at every step of the way. Which is why there is always a sense of foreboding regarding the safety and security of such critical data.

Even in enterprises using the Salesforce platform for their business, data plays an extremely important role. This data can be of various forms including accounts, campaigns, cases, contacts, contracts, custom objects, events, ideas, leads, notes, orders, solutions, and tasks. All these are securely held in the native data storage space allocated by Salesforce when a license is purchased.

But even Salesforce cannot completely guarantee the security of the stored data as even this software giant is prone to cyberattacks. For instance, in November 2007, Salesforce was subject to a major phishing attack which compromised the contact information of a number of Salesforce customers, which in turn was used to send highly targeted phishing emails to those customers.

Losing critical Salesforce data records and information can have serious repercussions for the company’s business. There can be multiple reasons behind losing one’s data, be it malware & phishing attacks, employee negligence, software failures, or ineffective recovery plans. But the results are almost the same in all cases:

  • Loss of Credibility among Customers & Investors
  • Hefty Financial Losses
  • Loss of Productivity due to Disruption of Usual Business Processes
  • Various Legal Implications, and in some cases
  • Permanent Business Shutdown

Now the most ideal solution for overcoming this fear of losing Salesforce data is creating a secure backup of the entire data in some external location. Backing up data means keeping at least one additional copy of all principal data. When you backup the data, you’re essentially making a second copy of anything and everything that you don’t want to lose. In case something happens to the original Salesforce data, you can easily restore the backups into the primary storage with a backup service.

In simpler words, a backup just refers to any piece of data that exists in two places. The primary purpose of a data backup is to have a recovery plan should the primary data become inaccessible, so it’s common to keep Salesforce data backups offsite like in different online cloud storage providers or, at the very least, on some external hard drive.

As today is World Backup Day 2021, it is important to remember to create secure backups of all necessary Salesforce data today. This is a day especially dedicated to people to learn about the increasing role of data in the business realm & our overall lives as well as the importance of regular backups. Having said this, we believe that World Backup Day is every day! A good backup solution will offer continuous services and also include multiple layers to not only recover your Salesforce data but also include steps for preserving that critical data.

With this noble thought in mind, we would like to introduce Salesforce users to our simple data backup & recovery solution, DataArchiva Backup. This tailor-made application is designed to efficiently support all forms of Salesforce solutions like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other custom-built Salesforce solutions.

Offering both types of data backup services: full and incremental, this highly scalable and customer-friendly application prevents critical business data from all sorts of data security threats. Not only this, DataArchiva Backup also comes with an option to seamlessly restore backed up data as well. This cost-effective and easy-to-use solution also lets customers view their backup history.

Using DataArchiva Backup, Salesforce enterprises can easily overcome their data loss challenges as it not only safeguards the data but also ensures that it is highly secured within the cloud infrastructure. Aided with the relatively easy data backup & restoration services offered by DataArchiva Backup, businesses can easily meet their data backup requirements.

To know more about  and how it DataArchiva Backup can help your enterprise easily backup data, please get in touch with us here or schedule a live demo today.

Backup Today…Don’t Be An April’s Fool!!


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