Why We Didn’t Get Picasso-esque To Paint Our Walls at AIKYAM 2023

Live art installations at our premises were very unique and fresh to its kind as it made home to Gurukul at AIKYAM 2023. And, we can’t talk about it enough. 

Well, none of the creators had an art degree but they could closely relate to the true meaning of AIKYAM, as it impeccably mirrored the true ‘oneness’ we share at work.

Proud to announce that we have armed new strengths at CEPTES to accelerate the future developments for DataArchiva. And, as they were tasked with fitting a few squad goals for AIKYAM, this was the result. 

From them, we got a vibrant wall.

The #VibrantWall 

The Vibrant Wall | DataArchiva | AIKYAM

This proves art doesn’t always need to inherit a Picasso-like realism, cubism, neoclassicism, surrealism, or expressionism to reflect a thought, as this handprint tree takes on a new life. 

The branches dance with asymmetrical charm where hands originate from one to many & complete the tree. 

‘The tree’ of the Gurukul family, we have ‌at CEPTES. 

This colorful mosaic of handprints of each employee symbolizes unity, collaboration, and the diverse talents that together create a thriving community. 

Each handprint tells a story, representing the distinctive qualities and contributions of each team member as we came together to create this meaningful display. It carefully reminds us that despite our different backgrounds and roles, we are interconnected, dependent, and working towards shared goals. This artful tapestry will always remind us of the value we place as individuals, fostering a spirit of belonging and the gleeful camaraderie we cherish at CEPTES. 

And, every AIKYAM, be it this year’s or the following, will represent the formative foundation of our collective success and will remind us of what makes us truly exceptional.

The #VibrantMemories 

The #VibrantWall also shares its space with a messy collage of #VibrantMemories.

The Vibrant Memories | AIKYAM | DataArchiva

We call it our rainbow time machine. Every time you glance at it, it takes you to that December when we wore our Santa hats & decorated human Christmas trees, or to that September when we were on our dancing feet ‌at Verve. 

If you can spot an ‘SYD’ somewhere, then it’s us, the DataArchiva team, heading to Salesforce World Tour Sydney’23. It was the first time for DataArchiva to sponsor as a platinum partner for the Salesforce event. There we met a bunch of new allies who were thrilled to know that we have an entire suite of Salesforce data management applications for the ecosystem. 

Also, the Kanakpura trek, the pose with the CSR heroes, and many more memories are trapped in one frame. 

The #VibrantFoodCulture

A few walls later, we had our next art hanging in our courtyard. 

The Vibrant Food Culture | DataArchiva | AIKYAM


A vibrant depiction of India, to which we all belong, and its diverse food culture. It did have the bookishly correct facts about the culinary treasures of every state, but ‌over a coffee, we do squabble about ‌whether they are the best.


From the fiery curries of Rajasthan to the delectable seafood delights of Kerala, and the aromatic spices of Tamil Nadu to the succulent kebabs of Punjab to the delectables of sisters of North East, lunch-time at CEPTES is like an elaborate potluck. 

It was just perfect to put up at AIKYAM this year, as it captures the ode to vibrance with artistic ingenuity in a single harmonious composition.

These modest settings are a little token of the diversity that we embrace at our premises. It truly centers on the trust & flexibility at work we enjoy at CEPTES, expressing the DNA that we share with Salesforce as the top-tier development partner. 

Did We Not Say: We Are ‘Great Place to Work’ Certified!

DataArchiva | CEPTES | Great Place To Work Certified


The core goal for getting art installations at the office was a way to know how we perceived CEPTES to be.

A line of visual cues to break the monotony of our premise to elevate the workplace environment, inspire creativity or ensure a pleasing focal point for some thought-provoking conversation starters to create a high-performance culture where we work. 

An environment that nurtures a sense of pride and engagement for heightened productivity and innovation within the organization.

At CEPTES the culture and the sense of belonging persists for a long time which brought home loads of accomplishments like the Salesforce Partner Innovation award, the Salesforce APAC Partner of the Year award, and a few others in less than a decade!  

Salesforce Innovation Partner | DataArchiva | CEPTES


Just in case, if you are wondering what new features we have added to DataArchiva, check out the, post AIKYAM 2023 Releases on external data archiving & backup here.

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