What Are The Salesforce Data Types That DataArchiva Archives

Fast-growing businesses, extensively using Salesforce as a CRM generate & store a vast volume of data from varied sources. 

For users’ grace, Salesforce has enabled custom automation for all customer-facing departments. Irrespective of who initiates a conversation with the contact (a sales rep or a service agent) the record data is immediately synced and updated to your Salesforce systems.   

It may include data entry and updates to contact records after every interaction, as well as: 

– Post-closure follow-ups 

– Email threads

– File, Notes & Attachments

Or, anything like lightning experience readiness reports, a visual force report, or simply a screenshot as a follow-up on the cases raised in your Service Cloud.

And, if you want your Salesforce to provide a comprehensive view of all your customer interactions without running into Salesforce data storage limits, you may find that you need to archive older data to improve the app performance & reduce data storage costs.

Archive, Expand & Explore

Salesforce generates data through a combination of automated and manual processes, allowing businesses to collect and analyze customer information to drive sales and services from Salesforce cloud apps.

Archive your less queried or unused data with DataArchiva

Ensure that your CRM data doesn’t cram your primary storage space. Data that you no longer use but still want to keep can be archived. And you can retrieve this archived data to use in reports. To make your job easier, DataArchiva allows you to create searchable Salesforce data archives with point-and-click restoration for simplicity.

Data Types To Archive With DataArchiva

As an archiving enabler DataArchiva provides a choice of archiving options while providing top-notch security when transferred from primary Salesforce storage to an archival destination. To date, it has helped over 100+ Salesforce customers with 2500+ Salesforce users to successfully archive their data from Salesforce. As per the use cases, here are the types of Salesforce data ‌that you can consider archiving with DataArchiva:

1) Historical Data: Data that is no longer actively used but may be required in the future for compliance or auditing purposes, such as past orders or customer interactions.

2) Transactional Data: Data that is generated through day-to-day business operations, such as leads, contacts, accounts, and cases.

3) Custom Object Data: Data that is created in custom objects, which are extensions of Salesforce objects tailored to meet specific business requirements.

4) Chatter Data: Chatter is Salesforce’s collaboration platform that allows users to share ideas and communicate. Chatter data can take up significant data storage space, and archiving it can help optimize your Salesforce app performance.

5) Salesforce App Data: Data that is generated from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Industry Cloud (Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing), Pardot, or Government Cloud. 

6) Data from Third-Party Integrations: Salesforce can also capture data from other systems and AppExchange applications, including automation tools integrated into the system to connect to other platforms or orgs handled by other teams.

5) Attachments: Files uploaded as attachments to Salesforce records can take up considerable storage space. Archiving attachments that are no longer necessary can help to reduce your Salesforce storage costs.

It’s important to note that not all Salesforce data needs to be archived. You should first analyze the data and determine which data is contributing the most to your Salesforce data growth or 

which data is required for regulatory or business purposes. This analysis can help you identify the data that should be archived using DataArchiva.  To yield more, here are the top 5 tips to align your data archiving needs in Salesforce with DataArchiva

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