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The 3 Cs of Data Archiving: Cost, Complexity and Capabilities




10:00 AM EST


30 Mins

Session Description

Data is the new oil in the global marketplace. The more data you have, the more insights you can derive from, the more insights you have, the more personalized services you can offer. But a larger trove of data comes at a higher cost, and Salesforce data incurs plenty.

Everyone is always looking for a “How to” approach to accomplish a goal. In this webinar, we’ll focus on a “How to” create a successful data archiving strategy for your Salesforce Org.


Key Takeaways?

  • Different ways to archive your Salesforce data (A complete comparative analysis)
  • Difference between data backup & archival
  • Approach for an effective data archival strategy
  • Top things to consider before choosing a data archiving solution
  • The role of Big Objects in Salesforce data archival
  • How DataArchiva is challenging the status quo


Priya Ranjan Panigrahy
Co-founder & Chief Architect, DataArchiva

Arnab Roy
Global Product Strategist, DataArchiva

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