Top 10 Benefits Of Using DataArchiva For Salesforce Data Archiving

Data holds a position of paramount importance in the modern business landscape. 

Even though Salesforce has strict restrictions on how many records are processed, managed, and stored in the org-bound, limited data storage space, keeping the storage optimized does not always require erasing the previous app data from the system. Further, it can draw critical consequences like a violation of data retention rules & compliances, resulting in hefty fines. 

According to IDC, organizations expect to experience 30–40% data growth annually1 hence, it’s unavoidable. Therefore, there is always a scope to strategize, plan and set up robust storage management processes like data archiving to exercise good data practices while keeping data accessible yet compliant. Or, by integrating robust data management tools that align your Salesforce with enterprise-led or compliance-driven long-term data retention goals.

Let’s try to understand the need for data archiving in Salesforce a little better. The following Salesforce data arching use case will help us to understand; how enterprises like MarthaCaps can benefit from automating Salesforce data archiving processes with DataArchiva and how it helped the organization’s storage management difficulties while operating in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Say hello to MarthaCaps. A leading investment banking firm, headed by Martha Brinks, present-day Managing Director, runs cloud consulting services using Salesforce Service Cloud. In the worsening times of financial uncertainty, bringing in new clients is becoming harder than ever, and MarthaCaps is soon to reach the steep. Customers are facing financial hardships and jobs are in jeopardy; so Martha had to step in. She believes that turning an empathic eye to recognize the current financial constraints of her clients will help to recover risk-averse investors while assuring service loyalty for its clients.

MarthaCaps difficulties in Salesforce Service Cloud for data growth

As an immediate action, Martha trusted Lisa Raymond, her Salesforce platform manager, to fetch the past 5 years’ Salesforce data on the customer journey. This is to know how often they have interacted or availed of services from MarthaCaps. Lisa soon recalled that she had recently unloaded a chunk of Salesforce records and moved it to ‌ secondary storage. And, the archived records can only be fetched by API calls and would take a long time. While bringing back the archived data into the current production instance will be another task.
Business decisions can never go pending if you have your Salesforce data waiting in the wings. So what would MarthaCaps need to overcome their archiving difficulties in Salesforce? Let’s follow it up in bullets – 

  • An archiving app with easy restoration as a feature
  • A search console for their archived data
  • A robust archiving engine that can bring back archived Salesforce data to a live instance, without moving the cheese.  

You can avail all these advantages – by choosing the right archiving tool for your Salesforce app. If you too, run a customer-first business like MarthaCaps, here are the 10 Salesforce data archiving benefits you can reap from the DataArchiva application.

1. Supports all Salesforce Clouds

DataArchiva supports all major Salesforce Clouds, such as Sales, Service, Pardot, and Industry clouds including 3rd-party apps built on the Salesforce platform or any custom app built on the Salesforce platform.

2. Suitable For All Industry Verticals

DataArchiva offers a versatile solution that transcends sector boundaries. With a track record spanning over six years, DataArchiva has assisted organizations across diverse industries in effectively addressing their unique data archiving requirements. Our commitment to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their Salesforce data remains unwavering, regardless of the industry in which they operate, to help them unlock the real value of their Salesforce data.

3. Befits Both Native & External Data Archiving Needs

DataArchiva comes with dual capacities –
i) Salesforce Big Objects Data Archiving: DataArchiva’s Native Data Archiving app helps to manage and archive Salesforce data within Big Objects. It’s a great option for compliance-driven industries to archive legacy data within the Salesforce cloud instead of moving out into an external data storage space. 

ii) External Cloud Archiving in Salesforce: DataArchiva’s External Archiving Application provides a  flexible archiving platform where customer-facing industries can choose to archive the way they want. They can connect their Salesforce app with their own AWS, Azure, Heroku, & GCP cloud, and even their on-premise system without any additional connectors, and archive the app data within their preferred MS SQL, MY SQL & Progress databases. 

 Integrating external cloud to archive Salesforce Data

4. Allows Multiple Data Archiving Options

DataArchiva allows its users to choose how they want to archive Salesforce data, which can be automated, manual, or policy-based. Depending on your needs, you can set the archiving process on an hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis by using an auto-scheduler feature or setting up an archiving job in your Salesforce System.

5. Supports Archiving for Multiple Data Types 

DataArchiva supports different types of Salesforce data archiving such as standard/custom objects, files & attachments, chatter feeds, filed audit data, system audit data, etc to any secondary storage destination of your choice.

6. Maintains Top-notch Security

DataArchiva enables encryption with 100% access control over your archived data. Here are the seven best practices followed by DataArchiva that provide top-notch data security for industries to maintain enterprise-level Salesforce data archives.

7.Preserves Salesforce Data Integrity

DataArchiva maintains complex object relationships and any level of data hierarchy when it archives your Salesforce data, adding to the overall accuracy and completeness of data even after archival. Make it a competent Salesforce data archiving application if your archiving prospects align with your Salesforce master data management strategies

8. Provides a Dashboard To Monitor Storage Usage Trends

DataArchiva provides its users with a functional UI to keep track of the available storage space when archiving Salesforce data. It refers to a graphical representation and the use of smart intuitive charts so that users can clearly visualize the storage status and make better archival decisions. 

9. One-Click Restoration

If you are using DataArchiva, there is no need to make API calls. Recover your archived Salesforce data with a one-click restore button from the right of the dashboard.

10. Allows you to Go Beyond Archiving

DataArchiva extends archiving capabilities, intended to maximize ROI for your archiving process. Its advanced reporting features support Tableau & Power BI to run analytics on both live and archived Salesforce data. It has a global search feature that helps to search archives faster and also provides an easy View & Access to the archived records within Salesforce. During external archiving, if an initial data migration is required, DataArchiva can address it with ‌record data processing speed, while maintaining seamless connectivity in Salesforce with your third-party cloud. 

DataArchiva is fast & easy to set up with your ‌Salesforce system. This app comes with unique advantages like zero connecter cost to reduce your Salesforce data archiving budget with DataArchiva making it a cost-effective solution for Salesforce users, looking for an application to automate their data archival process.

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Data management is never simple but becomes even harder when such a large amount of data is housed in a Salesforce system. If you are a Sales Head like Lisa, you can significantly reduce your archiving task using DataArchiva.

DataArchiva comes with 15+ features to maximize your ROI on Salesforce data management. In this product datasheet, you can learn about it all. 

Archiving Salesforce data with the right tools keeps your legacy data handy. If you desire ‌to transform Salesforce data storage management with real-time archiving, book a free product demo today. 

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